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When planning a photography shoot there are many things to consider, I hope that the we can work together to identify the key elements that you would like and how best to achieve these. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss things further.




Interior and Lifestyle


Over several years of shooting for editorial magazines and furniture retail clients I am proud to say I have developed an adaptable skill set to many different environments. I am always looking to challenge myself in new ways, working on location always offers it’s own unique challenges. I thrive on the influence of my surroundings and how I can best adapt and interpret these spaces to portray the required look. Taking these recipes and applying them to studio photography gives me the ability to control and influence these images to again reproduce desire effect.

Product photography for Retail


Whether it be diamond earrings or your new motorcycle leather cleaning conditioner, your product wants to look it’s best for retail and this is what I will work with you to achieve. Creating clear images of your product suitable for online sales, catalogue  or advertising purposes. Drop me a message to discuss your products, style and ideas and I am sure we can give you that professional retail appearance that your product deserves.



Pictures of you and or your staff, colleagues, band members, clients, bloke in the street who has that interesting story to tell, whomever it may be the possibilities are endless. I look forward to working with you to create that unique image suitable for your needs and achieving that individual personal approach.



Do you have an event happening? Whether it be a commercial product launch or charity gala evening, on going sales marketing reports or annual review. Recording the event can be key to further promotions and a superb record of activities, capturing those choreographed displays or candid moments, giving the thought and processes behind realising these projects the quality record and reflexion they deserve.

If you have a simple project that may just involve ‘me, my camera and eye’ then we can keep cost down as there will be very little set up time and equipment involved. Although the simplest images can sometimes involved the most complicated set up so please keep this in mind when planning a shoot. I am happy to discuss your needs and budget to most effectively realise your brief to the best standard.

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